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Today I was speaking to one of the guards (Anothony~) and he said that I've adjusted so well that there was probably a chance I could get released early on good behavior.

I felt so guilty...! He's only saying that because he doesn't know about the sugar I stole from the pantry, and the BBQ packages smuggled out of the cafeteria, and the initials I may have carved into the underside of a library table... My behavior hasn't been good at all! What would Mr. Edgeworth and Mr. Lang say...!?

Next time I speak to Mr. Anthony I'll let him know that I insist on staying until my sentence is completely up, so that I can be fully rehabilitated.

[Scene] Let Them Eat Cake!

Lauren: Lauren's half convinced she's a mind reader anyway
Calisto: haha
Calisto: and your boyfriend's name was...LANCE
Calisto: LANCE.....AMANO
Lauren: DDDDDD:
Calisto: woooooo

Delicious Dessert is DeliciousCollapse )

How exciting!

The prison has been so lively lately! Everyone is chatting and celebrating...I'm not sure why, actually, but it's so god to see everyone in good spirits. A young man in a lovely scarf even embraced me and cried "Now my case can be appealed!" How refined he was, how overcome with emotion...! I sincerely hope he has his wish.

I was so moved by his delight that I went right to the cafeteria staff and suggested that an extra dessert be served at dinner tonight. With everyone so happy, it only feels right to celebrate, doesn't it? They told me if I wanted cake I'd have to make it myself, so that's exactly what I did. The prison kitchen isn't entirely suited for baking but I put all my heart into my strawberry cake with cream cheese frosting.

I snuck a few chocolate chips into some parts as well. Those will be the lucky slices <3

I hope you'll all have some with dinner tonight. It's the least I can do for everyone who has been so kind to me, despite being a devious criminal!

My first post in prison...

So...this is prison!

It's not really what I imagined it would be. I thought it would be cold stone cells, twenty foot walls with no hint of light, even, oh my, a bucket in the corner...! It's only what a criminal such as myself deserves, after all. Thankfully it's not nearly as bad as all that. In fact I am here in the lab, communicating with the outside world! As the days pass, it may very well be my singular window to the freedom of the life awaiting me at the end of my sentence.

Three months. Be strong, Lauren! The solitude is your penance!

I think I will spend quite a bit of time here. There is a little window through which I can see the guard at duty... dutifully, faithfully monitoring us poor imprisoned souls. Ah, what admirable courage. I do not feel so lonely, knowing men like him are watching over us.